Afterschool Club: Get Started

How to start an Afterschool Secret Millionaires Club

First Thing's First

  • Ask your principal for permission to begin a local branch of the club. Students of any age are eligible and must be supervised by an adult. You may:
    • choose to create more than one club, each with a specific age-range
    • opt to have older club members mentor younger kids in the same club
    • modify the proposed activities in the downloadable activity guides, geared toward grades 3–6, to meet the individual needs of your club
  • Decide upon a maximum club size and determine how many adult facilitators you'll need (e.g., 10 students=1 facilitator, 20 students=2, etc.).
  • Follow your school's afterschool guidelines to plan and schedule club meetings and transportation.
  • When finding a facilitator or facilitators for the club, consider teachers, parents, and volunteers.

Promote the Club

  • Fill out the customizable Afterschool Secret Millionaires Club Announcement Form to email to the parents of potential participants and post at your school.
  • Ask to advertise the club in your school newsletter or on your school website.
  • Get kids excited about the club by announcing the “Grow Your Own Business Challenge”!
  • Ask your PTA or PTO to spread the word about the club with the Announcement Form and help with logistics.

Let the Meetings Begin!

  • Have kids watch one or two webisodes during each club meeting.
  • Check out “This Week's Afterschool Activities” to find general and webisode-specific club activity suggestions.
  • Plan to watch the SMC TV specials on The Hub TV channel as a group, or record the specials and have club members watch them during meetings.
  • Have club members enter the “Grow Your Own Business Challenge” for the chance to win fabulous prizes and meet Warren Buffett!

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