Grand Prize Winners

Winners of the 4th Annual "Grow Your Own Business Challenge"


We're excited to present you with the GRAND PRIZE WINNERS of the 4th annual Secret Millionaires Club "Grow Your Own Business Challenge"! The grand prize winning team members and winning individual each received $5,000, and the mentors/teachers of the grand prize winners each received $1,000.

All finalists presented their ideas to Warren Buffett and a panel of judges at a Grand Prize Event in Omaha on May 18th, 2015. Mr. Buffett also gave all the finalists 10 shares of Berkshire Hathaway B

Grand Prize Winner Grand Prize Winners
Individual Grand Prize Winner: Miroslav
Idea: Beyond the Books
Team Grand Prize Winners: Emily & Bryn
Idea: Keep Track Sticky Back

Business Idea: Keep Track Sticky Back

keep track sticky back team image

Team Members:
Emily (12), Bryn (11) from Nebraska
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Our business is all about helping people organize their everyday items! The way that The Keep Track Sticky Back works is that the plastic pouches are attached to a varying color of fabric or plastic backing. Than this is hot glued on to adhesive paper, which on the back is sticky, so you can stick it on to nearly anything you please! Each plastic pouch has its very own individual magnetic snap button to connect the flap above the pouch to the main pouch. This protects the internal contents of the pouch to keep from falling out. On each Keep Track Sticky Back, there are multiple pouches in various sizes covering the area of The Keep Track Sticky Back. This helps for the different needs for each pouch; for example, a tall, skinny pouch would be possibly used for pencils, where as a smaller pouch that is wider would be possibly used for crayons.

The Keep Track Sticky Back comes in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors, and is made out of a rubbery type of plastic that is flexible, portable, and reusable. We believe that our product fills most organizing needs. Competitors’ products do not come in different colors to make it fun for kids to organize! Adults will love our products because of the way it neatly organizes their items with the convenience of a sticky back! Everyone will love our product, The Keep Track Sticky Back!

Business Idea: Beyond the Books


Miroslav (14) from New Jersey
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Beyond the Books is a website that will act as an educational haven for extracurricular learners and students looking for supplement. There are many people, including myself, who are interested in courses and subjects that are not offered by the school they attend. For example, if one is interested in learning Arabic and their school does not offer that course, joining Beyond the Books could help this person by providing a free environment in which they collaborate with other thinkers and share the knowledge they've gained. The first step for the user would be starting a class labeled "Arabic.” He/she could choose to own the sole power to edit while still letting others view and comment on their notes, make the class public and allow anyone to edit, or allow a select group of people to edit. They would submit their notes into that class. Eventually, the admin will compile a comprehensive study guide. In order to optimize organization, admins of classes can combine. For example, the admin of "Robotics" can reach out to the admin of "Lego Robotics" and ask for them to be a subset of their class. There will also be a messaging service to better the collaboration between users.

The 3 classes who have submitted the most content will be featured on the front page each month. This is to spark competition and inspire more content to be made. Users that contribute the most content will be awarded badges that are displayed next to their username as an incentive to contribute more. In conclusion, I hope to create an expansive and free educational resource that anyone with access to a computer can use.

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